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Vegetable Wash Water Cleaning Project:

Water was pumped from a holding tank through a series of spray bars on cleaning conveyors. The water was then pumped back to the holding tank through a screen to remove debris. During the season vegetables were arriving with significant amounts of sand and silt that clogged the spray bars as the water was recirculated and collected in the holding tank which had to be emptied frequently and the sand removed. The project brief was to remove the sand from the recycled water and prevent build up in the main holding tank. Balba Technologies supplied a new cleaning system that removed heavy particles from the water and deposited them into a purpose built vessel with a half ton filter bag. The bags were lifted from the vessel using a fork lift truck and removed from site. The water was returned to the system. A new stainless steel parabolic screen mounted on a stainless rectangular holding tank. Twin pumps and filters were installed with the treated water being returned to the main holding tank. The project included the supply of a control panel, mechanical and electrical installation, testing and commissioning.

Vegatable Wash Project
Vegatable Wash Project Vegatable Wash Project Vegatable Wash Project

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