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Heating and Cooling Water Protection Project:

The customerís heating and cooling systems had been installed for a number of years but the filtration systems were not operational. A specification was prepared by a consulting company for each of the systems that included flow rates and pressure losses. All systems were to be designed for temperatures of between 0 - 110C and system pressures of 12 Bar. Cyclone separators were to be installed as the main filtration method with provision for secondary filters to be fitted at a later date. Continuous purging was utilized with cartridge filters used as dirt collectors. All systems incorporated their own pumps with two systems operating as side stream filtration and the third operated with duty and standby pumps. Balba Technologies designed each of the systems to stand on existing concrete bases and connect to existing pipework with the minimum modification. Anti vibration mounts were installed to minimise noise. Each system was supplied with a control panel incorporating BMS interface. The main contractor was responsible for the installation.

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Note: Pictures taken during manufacture.
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